Ugly quilt top, but beautiful Kitten

Remember this quilt top? I couldn't get a good picture of it indoors? Well, today the sun is shining, it is not raining nor snowing, so I ran outside in my bathrobe and slippers to get a shot of the ugly quilt top in the sunshine. Shoot me for being impulsive. I should have dressed myself and ironed the top first. I just don't do things that way. I hope the fabrics look better even though they are wrinkly.
Kitten wants to let you know that cats are superior pets because they do not need "potty pads." And doesn't she look adorable in the empty box?
Kitten decided she likes her "daddy-person" again. He and his sweatshirt are good and soft for kneading.

We stopped at The Stitch Store yesterday afternoon. They were in the middle of Camp Iwannastitch, so there were ladies stitching away. One was a visitor from the Kansas City area. I cannot remember if she said she lives in Sugar Creek, or she grew up there, but Donna says she knows the Dumskys (who doesn't in Sugar Creek?). A "six-degrees of separation" moment. It is so cool that folks get around the country supporting small businesses in the crafting arts community. (See also Primitive Woolens and Missouri Gal)

This morning I was looking at The Stitch Store's website and found a picture of the shop owner's other cat, Scooter. Holy moly; I thought I was looking at Kitten. You can see Scooter's picture at the bottom of the Camp Iwannastitch November 2009 page. I'm not crazy. One more eye on Kitten, and they would be twins.


WoolenSails said…
I think kitten has more of a tuxedo personality, you can see it in their faces.