Look at this yummy vintage Brannock & Patek fabric that Wanda from Exuberant Color sent me! Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to play with it! But this morning it is off to work, then I get to play at Thimbles for a few hours. Thank goodness for playtime because tomorrow I am attending an all day conference at Macon State (2 hours away). I don't allow myself to get bored but I am impatient very often. I think playtime should be mandatory in everyone's life everyday.


Karen said…
I don't remember this Brannock/Patek line of fabric. Lucky you!
katie said…
I don't recognize any of it . But your mom will.
Yes today is my play day at Saltbox, hooking and eating all day. Starting a new rug for the shop.
Enjoy your week-end.
Kathie said…
great fabrics
love that yellow one! and the green next to it!!!
the floral, is one I remember and now wish I would have bought yards of
I love that olivey green in there...