Thinking about quilts

Once the kids left, I decided to lay out my old quilts so they can breathe. I hate to have them folded up, so I decided to stack them on the bed in the guest room. Here are the birds from Andy's baby quilt:
and bumble bee detail:
Then Kitten claimed it as her own:
She was playing too rough with my oldest quilt, and when I asked her to move (very kindly asked her to move),
she copped an attitude. She was quickly ejected from the room.
On both Andy's baby quilt and the princess feather, since I had started them way back in the stone ages, I used both hand and machine quilting to finally get them finished in this (past) decade. I didn't have a clue how to free-motion, but I think the grid was the right choice anyway.
This is one of Mom's smaller quilts. It is called "Star of Hearts," and it is a pity to leave it folded up in a closet. She gave this to me last summer.
And this is the "Advanced Sampler" Mom used to teach (also way back in the stone ages). My husband fell in love with this when he saw it on the bed. It actually goes real well in this room with the "plantation" pink walls even though the quilt is more red.
Tomorrow it is back to work.


Libby said…
What a delicious quilt show - I love straight line quilting. It looks so 'vintage' *s*
WoolenSails said…
What wonderful quilts and memories.
I love the hearts and stars motif.

katie said…
I love the advanced sampler, can't say as I ever saw it before. I do remember the star of hearts tho. Princess feather is awesome. Well, they all are.
Gretchen said…
What a super fabulous sampler quilt!!!! How about you teaching it for the Thimbles :) Poor Kitten, I bet she didn't mean to play too rough. Does she have her own quilt? Or two or three?
Victoria said…
those are all amazing, what wonderful quilts!
Victoria said…
Your quilts are spectacular!