Spinning my wheels INDOORS

Remember this little gem that I started at church, and I could never get a good picture of it? Well I still can't get a good picture of it, but I have added a shape I found in a book. It is supposed to be a flower on the quilt it came from, but I thought it looked pretty good on this quilt. You know, to break up the solid areas. Now, after I've sewn on an orange one by hand, I am not sure I like the orange ones. I like the floral ones though. Should I just remove the orange ones? Or carry on? MOM, I need you. Why do we live so far apart?
Oh, and this week I have been getting packages from Ebay. I am putting plates on the walls of my plantation pink guest room, and I found a Haviland Limoges platter that had "Kansas City" stamped on the back, so I was excited to win it. But when it arrived it was in pieces. I took it to the post office to see what the procedure was for filing a claim, and the supervisor told me the despite the numerous (6 or more) layers of bubble wrap, the box was "too flimsy." Now wait just a minute. You mean there is fine print to that "if it fits, it ships" claim on boxes from the USPS? Really?


katie said…
Bummer, How hard to they throw those boxes anyway? It looks like it was really pretty tho.
I wish you lived closer also. You and Robin would have a great time catching up.
WoolenSails said…
I am very careful when shipping breakables, they do smash the boxes around. Bubble wrap is never enough. I like the flowered addition and I think the orange takes away from the overall look.

MyStuff from MO said…
My daughter uses those boxes to ship her husband's care packages to him in Afghanistan! She even sends him movies to watch on his days off. I'd better let her know that!
They need to make those boxes more sturdy! Nicole