I picked up a "Crochet for Dummies" book at the library this week, and on the way home from work yesterday, I stopped at Yarn Garden on the Lawrenceville square. I picked up a skein of yarn and a crochet needle. At 2:15 this morning I finished this:
I am sure I don't hold the yarn correctly, nor do I turn the corners right, but man I love my new scarf. I think I am hooked. I want to learn more!

Oh, update on the shipping disappointments: 1 Ebay purchase was not insured, seller offered to refund price of item (.99), but not the shipping ($13). I decided to let this go. I need to work on my forgiveness skills though, this still registers on the anger meter. Haviland Limoges platter was insured and I have been fully reimbursed. Nice! The ironing board from Sears has now been returned to a UPS shipping store. I understand I will be fully reimbursed for that problem, too.
Note to husband: When wife gets a voice mail, and you listen to it, you might want to later tell her about it. Otherwise, when the UPS man shows up at the front door, you might find the item he came to pick up has been wrestled into the trunk of your wife's car, and is now sitting in a parking lot several miles away. I'm just saying.

Did I mention that I am taking two classes this quarter? I gotta go get ready to get to class.
See ya'll later.


WoolenSails said…
You did a beautiful job on the scarf, really like that.
I could crochet, but knitting makes me nuts.
I think it is unfair since they did not ship it properly, plates should be in styrofoam holders, something to ask before you buy;)

I bought some thread this week, got charged, 8.95 for shipping and on box, it is 2.75. That is an awful lot of money for handling.

I love your scarf too! You should be very proud of yourself. I want to learn too! And I feel you pain on your husband too! Ours sound exactly alike!

What classes are you taking?

Hi Nicole,
Your pictures make me want to move back to Missouri. In the past I have lived in Springfield, Maryville and Independence.

I am auditing Precalculus, not because I need the class credit, but because I tutor the students from that class, and my Trigonometry is weak. For credit I am taking a beginning programming class. I want to learn more about web page design. I hate having homework, but it is not too taxing. If I just wasn't so obsessive about work and those hobbies of mine!
Anonymous said…
Love that scarf! Maybe the Moda Man needs a teeny tiny one...haha-told my daughter that you were worried. She said I've been a little warped for quite awhile. Comic relief after 2 lousy weeks
Wow! My son is taking Statistics at MU. He could use your help as a tutor, I assure you! My dad, a civil eng. can't even help him anymore! And my hubby is an auditor. He audits life and health insurance companies for the state! He's retiring March 31 and not doing the back drop. He's going to run screaming! He's sick of reading insurance after 28+ years!
Maryville, that's way up there! A friend of mine, daughter just graduated from there.
I grew up in Joplin and we went to Springfield a lot to shop in the 70's and 80's. Now Joplin's mall is nicer then Battlefield. Who'd a thunk it!
There is so much to do and see in KC! Why did you move away from Independence?

Missouri is calling you back! I lived in AR (the East side not the pretty side), WI and even AZ. But I always come back home to Missouri! My husband is looking at jobs in other states after he retires. I'm hoping for a job in Southern Central MO! Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)
Orange Sink said…
Hi Karmen,
Thank-you for the sweet comments on my blog! I'm starting to connects the dots a little on the blogs I read and see that you are a niece( i think?) to Katie from Primitive Woolens. I like your crochet scarf! I would love to get back to knitting or crochet as I used to do quite a bit years ago! Now my love is rug hooking! I'm glad to have met through this massive world of blogging! We can learn so much from each other and see that we are all crazy about our families and our pets! Good job on your blog and I'll keep checking back to see what you're up too! Cathy G
Anonymous said…
Karmen, I love your new scarf and I am very proud of you to try and learn! It is a great TV craft! Keep learning!