Egypt? Not even close.

Last year Spirited Quilters had a challenge. I showed you the winner of that challenge in a previous post. My quilt didn't get very far down the road to stitched. I kinda got stuck in the oh-I-need-to-purchase-brown-fabric phase. Honestly, I completely forgot to be a quilter and was quite happy to be a fabric collector.

But today I decided to dump the brown fabric collection onto my cutting table and see what I could do with it. Ah, now I have triangles. The mystery was that it was supposed to represent Egypt. I chose the all-colors-brownish to be the "Valley of the Kings." I think that was what it was supposed to be. Really my excitement over having to shop for fabric overcame any sense of mission to completion.

I hear we can still claim a finished quilt reward bead if we bring our finished mystery quilts to the January meeting. Nah, I'm not gonna make it. I decide to name this quilt "Good Dirt" for it's brownness.So now I still have this much fabric left to cut up. I am determined to cut at least a few triangles from each piece of fabric I collected for this quilt.
Then I remembered Brannock & Patek's Looking Back line of fabric for MODA. Yes! There are some beautiful brown fabrics in that collection!
I especially love this tobacco colored floral!


WoolenSails said…
That is a going to be a beautiful quilt in those shades.

MyStuff from MO said…
That looks very overwhelming to me! It's going to be beautiful but WOW! You Go Girl! :)