More Photos from Mom's House

In the frame is a picture of their beloved dog Sugar (now deceased).
Here is a view of another library bookshelf:
And this is an amazing little quilt. It is made from checked fabric and tied with the knots in the back. I love this little gem!
I am running off to work. This is a short week interrupted in the middle by one more medical test. I will be so glad when those are over. The Spirited Quilters also meet Tuesday night, but I am feeling quite disconnected from them. Would I be an intruder if I showed up at their holiday meeting after missing the last one?


WoolenSails said…
Love how the quilt has the tacks from the back, nice way to tie without strings hanging out. I would go, I don't think missing one meeting would be a problem. I would check though, to see what they are doing in case there is a swap or something.

katie said…
Go anyway Karmen, you are so much fun to be around I know they will love the fact that you came.