Adding to my confusion.

When I was at Harper's in Prairie Village, Kansas, I purchased some black fabric because I thought I needed to round out my stash with a bold neutral. So I purchase these beauties:
Then I got home and discovered I already had Brannock and Patek blacks from their "Looking Back" line for Moda. Oops. I should have remembered! They are really beautiful! (Thanks Mom!)
I am trying to get back to work in my sewing room, but, honestly, what a dang mess!
The books Mom gave me when I was up there are in the fish tank, whoops, I mean the light box which is holding up some stuff; I don't remember why I put it there (the stuff OR the "light box").
And here is my sewing table. What a really big mess.
One major reason for the mess is I have neglected sewing all together because I have been having some health problems. Here's the skinny (intentional pun), they are trying to figure out why I was able to go from a size 12-14 to a 6-8 in 10 weeks. Part of the reason is that I was on Jenny Craig, but my weight-loss consultant sent me to the doctor because the rate at which I lost 28 pounds is unusual. I was planning to reach my goal by March in order to fit into a certain dress by family reunion time. I have been "cheating" plenty, but I am still losing weight. Honestly, I am kind of scared, so I have been to a general practitioner, a digestive health specialist and a gynecologist. So far we have ruled out diabetes. And, as of yesterday, we have discovered MENOPAUSE. What the heck?! So I had to buy this informative book (and Godiva chocolates) at Borders.
I wanted black shoes, but, alas, the Nine West store had none in this style in my new-smaller-for-me size, so I had to settle for red and purple which go better with the t-shirt anyway.
And, luckily, both pair of shoes go with the gold socks I found. Man, what luck! All the fabric I have played with has given me cross-over skills in the accessory matching department.
This is my formerly-size-10 foot waving good-by (for now).


WoolenSails said…
Now I can't seem to loose weight, but then again, I am always hungry, that is what menopause is doing to me;) I hope it is nothing serious and maybe just your new diet.

Becky said…
Good luck with your health issues! Most folks gain weight with the Big M. I have this book, too. Love the shoes! I'm impressed. I can't walk in heels that high. Take care!