Woohoo! Better Already!

Here is a little embroidery I did on the short overalls I lived in in 1976. You can see I always loved to hand stitch stuff, and these little babies qualify as VINTAGE! Yes, vintage just like me.
This morning I dragged myself out of bed, fed the cat, walked two dogs and then fed the one (monster-who-isn't-so-bad) out on the patio. I felt pretty good, so after I took my usual morning vitamins, I decided to READ my UTI medicine before I took it with my toast. Okay, get this "do not take within 6 hours of calcium, magnesium or iron." I then read my vitamin bottles. Okay, now maybe I have a handle on why my guts were rotting and I was curled up in an agonizing ball of pain all day yesterday. Now I have to wait 6 hours to take the medicine. At least it will be an upright, and perhaps sewing 6 hours. And my reward for feeling better? Roasted chicken from KFC (minus any mashed potatoes with milk in them), of course!
And while I have been sick, the roofers pounded on the roof all day, which kept the dogs barking. I think it will look pretty good once it is done. I will appreciate the peace and quiet, that's for sure. (Center section is old roof, left and right are new.)


WoolenSails said…
I think your husband should take you somewhere nice for a weekend, when you feel better. You deserve it;)