On the way home Friday, I called my folks in Missouri, and my dad asked me did I know anything about the plane crash in Lawrenceville. As I got closer to home, I passed a channel 5 truck, and when I got to the golf course, I saw the parking lot was a mess of media trucks. I turn into my neighborhood just past the golf course. A small airplane had crashed into a house about a mile from ours, since this was on my regular walking route, I took my camera with me today.

This is looking through the investigator's tent to what used to be the front steps of the house. The chair is sitting where the front door should be.
This is looking from the left side of the property to the right where the house was.
This is looking down the left property line. I assume the garage sat somewhat in front of the gazebo.
This is a more right-ward look from what would have been the end of the driveway on the left of the property.
This may have been the driveway, but look what is left of the cars.
Two people were killed: the pilot of the plane and a woman who had been on the second floor of the home. Somehow her husband escaped from the first floor. The pictures on the news Friday night showed a hellish fiery inferno. I don't know how anyone could have escaped. The homes in that area are large and well appointed. All that is left of this one, well, you can see for yourself. It was obliterated.


WoolenSails said…
That is scary, to think you could be relaxing at home and have a plane land on you.

Oh my, well of course we that live in this area are aware of the crash but dang..so close to YOU.. As I watch the news reports I was wondering if there was any damage to the properties on their side? That fire was horrific.