Need some sunshine

Yes, the sun is out, but I am in bed, so it is wasted on me. After work yesterday, I went back to the doctor. Yes, the sinus infection is over, but somehow "we"missed the "massive" urinary tract infection I also have. Two shots and three more prescriptions leave me NO energy for anything. Back to bed and prayers for some better energy by Monday. If I were an animal, I would just want to be put out of my misery. I honestly don't know that I am ever going to be well.


Karen said…
What a crummy way to be spending your time. I hope you get back to normal soon! Sunshine wishes for you.
Anonymous said…
Try to drink llots of fluids and just rest, rest, rest....hope you are soon on the mend...Thimbles is this upcoming weekend!
You HAVE to get well..Thimbles next weekend. That is an order!!! please.

WoolenSails said…
This is not your week, sure hope you feel better soon.