More Little Planes

I think it is time to break out the lens cleaning tissues and figure out how to use them. I see the same smudge on this photo of planes that I had on the last photo. But anyway, you get the idea about my planes? I know they look like they should be on a quilt for a little boy, but what about for a big boy? What about a retired from TWA full-grown man? I think if a daughter (me) makes a quilt for her father, he will like it okay. I am making it like an American flag because my father is a very patriotic man.


WoolenSails said…
I like the idea of doing it like a flag, that will be perfect for a big boy;)

katie said…
Karmen, how thoughtful and how cool. Your dad is going to cherish it.
Cathi said…
I think it's a great idea!