More East Cobb Show

This (above) is my all time favorite. The designer who made "Tulip Farm" (this is the center panel) is Karen Mowery, and her blog Sew Primitive Quilter is one of my favorites. She also has East Cobb Quilt Show photos posted AND you can purchase her beautiful patterns for quilts like the one above.

I have been looking at pictures from the East Cobb Quilt Show, and I am wondering if I saw the whole show. It seems like I may have missed a few quilts. I thought perhaps you would like to see what I loved from the show (aside from the double-wedding ring).


Gretchen said…
I'm having so much fun reliving the quilt show through everyone's blog :) I am still in awe of the wonderful quilts there!!!
WoolenSails said…
I love those quilts, they are so beautiful and unique.
I can't wait to finish the ones I started, then I will try some art ones myself.

Hi, loved seeing my Tulip Farm quilt on your blog!! Thank you for posting :-)
Thanks so much for sharing the pictures from the quilt show. I saw pictures from another show a couple of years back, and I remember thinking there was some crazy talent in the East Cobb guild. I'd love to be able to attend one of the shows. Such great quilts!