One Oh One!

(Another quilt with curves. This one at Harpers in Kansas City. The picture is from my previous trip home.)

This is my 101st post on this blog! It sneaked up on me, so I'll just have to celebrate by patting myself on the back and saying "yea" to myself. I had two other blogs before: "Karmen's Page" and "KarmenSunshine." There are some good pictures on those blogs. I like to look at pictures when I blog surf, and plus I am not much of a writer, so I rely heavily on photographs.

On Saturday, Dad and I drove from Independence to Warsaw, MO. Along the way we stopped in Sedalia (known for the State Fair) at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant, "Home of the Guberburger." I will have to tell you what a guberburger is, since it may not be an intuitive concept. When they are grilling a thin patty of ground beef, they drop a dollop of peanut butter on it. When you get your burger, it looks suspiciously like a cheeseburger except that is not cheese, it is melted peanut butter. I had them hold the mayonnaise on mine.
Next, when we got to Warsaw, Mo, we crossed the Truman Dam. So we could go to Saltbox Primitive Woolens where my Aunt Katie works. She was not working, but met us there. The greeter who was on duty had a particularly charming smile and took a liking to my dad right away.
When we left the shop, we beat Katie back to her home, and I snapped this picture of her front porch. I tried to get a shot of the dozens of hummingbirds at her feeder, but it is so hard to get those little guys to slow down for the camera. And here we are at Grandpa's house. Uncle Ben, me, Dad and Grandpa. At 98 years old, Grandpa drives a golf cart twice a week and plays bridge twice a week. He really keeps busy, and his sense of humor is as sharp as ever.


katie said…
Great 101 post Karmen.
Miss you.

aunt katie