Happy Mail

I have started collecting my mother's books by purchasing them off the internet. These two came in the mail today. Well, I bought two copies of "Free Spirit," but no reason to photograph it twice. It turned out I had a copy here at home too, so I am flush with "Spirit." I am having a hard time locating an affordable copy of "Miss Jump's Quilt Album." I would love to hear from someone who would like to do an exchange or offer me a copy at a reasonable price.
Then, from Cathy in Tasmania(!) a lovely thimble and postcard. Doesn't Tasmania look like the most magical place? You can see that wrascally Tasmanian Devil in the middle of the card. Thanks Cathy!
And finally, because I don't see my son, Andy, often, I have to include the postcard sent to my address (Andy's former address), by Te (accent on the e) from Iceland. I am thinking Andy, since he checks Facebook often, would see the card on my blog before he will actually come pick it up. So, Andy, if you are reading, this card has a lovely stamp, and Te wrote a great deal on the back, but you'll have to come pick it up, or call me and I'll read it to you.


katie said…
Wow Karmen I haven't seen either of those two books before. Good Idea collecting all your moms books. I love the photo of the house in the hill side.
See you soon.
WoolenSails said…
That is one I do not have either or the other two you showed, guess those are the ones that are getting harder to find.