Has been a problem around here, but I think we are finally "on" our AT&T DSL line. My "housemate" doesn't understand that when you switch cable service, it affects the computer too. He is heavily invested in tv time while I prefer computer time. We only come together for Jeopardy, and if he starts getting more correct responses than me, there could be a war right inside my home. But then again, he always forgets to phrase his response in the form of a question, so technically, none of his responses are ever correct. I win, I win! And no, I don't think I am too competitive.

My version of Renee Plains "Flower Shop" is ready for me to decide what to do about quilting. My borders didn't quite go on the same way as her original quilt's did, so I am having such an inner battle about what to do. I was in such a quandary about it, I had to go to Patchwork Cottage to partake of retail therapy. Sandy is such an enabler!
Here is yet another gift from "Simon at work." I hope he is out of gifts. It is starting to feel a little funny, and "housemate" is especially curious about what's up with the generosity. But I do love the quilts! And I don't think Simon means anything by it at all. I think he is a good guy.

This lovely piece of fabric (5 1/2 yards!) was given to me by a student of the college where I work. I love it! It matches the thread I bought in the Ozarks at Saltbox Primitive Woolens. Mom had asked me what I needed the gold thread for. Well, here you go.

And finally, here is something new I have started. And boy is the progress S L O W. Does the end of summer do this to ya'll too? My sewing room and it's Kitten attendant are getting lonely for me.


Karen said…
The Flower Shop quilt is a good one! I really like prim style.
Anonymous said…
So nice to finally meet you in person. I told Willie he has a fan.
katie said…
Karmen, loving the flower shop quilt.
Funny, Jeopardy is about the only thing Freddie and I watch together.
Maybe Nascar and the Chiefs, but he won't watch a commercial and flips back and forth I never make it through a whole race or game, just get the results the next morning.