New Group, More Fun!

Last night I attended my first Silver Thimbles group. The women were so nice, and I had a great time! I had Mercidene and Chris from Spirited Quilters, and Barbara (who knows one of my coworkers) as tablemates. We learned, from Mary Ellen-Little Quilts, about new tools and from Pat, about new projects. I had to abstain from new purchases, however, because I want to get caught up with the WIPs in my life. There were a couple of tools and one kit in particular that are on my "next month" wish list. Take a look at Pat's blog to see how much fun the "Thimbles" group has at their many activities: click here!

I ran home after work, and before the Thimbles meeting, to pick up my sewing machine (which I did not use), and saw that the Blackberry Lilies I'd started from seeds last year were in full display. I grabbed my camera and photographed them so Mom could see how well they adapted to Georgia.


Sounds like you had a great time!

Your lilies are beautiful. I'm pretty sure I've never seen those before. They're very interesting.
It was a complete pleasure to meet you and have you visit our club. I can tell you were one of the gang within minutes of setting up your machine. We look forward to having you with us for allllll our Silver Thimble Adventures.

I haven't posted on my blog yet the activities of this weekend...Oh I'm soo behind.

Becky said…
Missed meeting you last night. I belong to the Saturday Thimbles Group. So glad that you've found our group. It's a fabulous, supportive, fun group of quilters. Take care!
Gretchen said…
The lilies are beautiful--very different--I haven't seen that kind before. I am so glad you joined Thimbles! All the ladies are the most fun supportive, and welcoming people I have ever met.
Anonymous said…
Your flowers are just beautiful. I am kicking myself for not getting off the couch last evening and paying a visit to Friday night Thimbles. I hope you will be there next time. I would like to meet you in person!! YOu will really enjoy the zaniness of the Thimbles gang and our fearless leader- the Supreme Head Thimble. We let her think she is in charge on Staurdays