Kitten finally relented

And she let me have some machine time. I had to wait her out though. She sat on the quilt while it was under the needle and after about an hour she moved on to something more interesting. I got to finish the center of the panel I am making for a co-worker's new baby (due next week ?). I am gaining more confidence, but not skill, at machine free motion. It is hard to get good at something you can only practice on the weekends. Uh-oh, now I am wondering why I joined that tennis team (begins in August)...It may be 12 weeks of endurance torture on asphalt. Do I even have a tennis racket? Could it be buried under fabric in my sewing room?


I'm so glad Kitten decided to share her machine with you! I love the practice quilts you've done. That's a great idea -- perfect a skill and make a gift at the same time!