Two Great Things

The first and best great thing is that Mom is home from the hospital and doing well. I will call her tomorrow and talk to her. I didn't like her to talk too much today because it made her cough, and with that incision, well, it just scared both of us. Dad said she was sleeping earlier; a real good thing!

The other great thing is that I made my first-ever-in-my-whole-life pillow with welting! Yes, thanks to encouraging comments from my dear Aunt Katie from Primitive Woolens, Debbie from Woolen Sails and Magnolia Bay Quilts, I decided to tackle the pillow. I had a home decorating book with directions, so I sat down at my new magic sewing machine and I didn't get up until I'd finished. Tomorrow I will get a form for it. I am so happy! I really did it! The Kitten helped all along the way.

The only downside to the pillow experience is that, since I am allergic to wool, I sneezed so much that I got a bloody nose. That cinches it; I'll never join the hooking ranks.


WoolenSails said…
The pillow came out beautifully. Wren seems to be another kitty who loves to watch sewing. Something about the machine running and the fabrics moving around is just fascinating to them;)

katie said…
WOW Karmen, didn't know you were allergic to wool. No hooking for you. The pillows are beautiful.
Monday I pick up the featherweight I had to take in to have serviced. I have been lost without it. Lots of quilting to do, along with working on the rug Lin designed.
I've called her a couple times but haven't talked to her yet, just your dad.
I'm off to clean, give hair cut, play cards, than off to the shop by 10:00.
We are about to put our first lap quilt on the quilt machine and go at it.
Gretchen said…
Very cute photos of kitty helper!! So sorry you are allergic to wool--you better stick to cotton.
heather said…
My cats are just as helpful as yours seem to be!