Practice, practice, practice

Yesterday was my last machine quilting class with Peggy Barkle. She is an incredible teacher, so if you need help learning free motion machine quilting, she is the bomb. She covered everything from batting types, straight line and free motion quilting, to design elements in pattern choice and quilt planning. But, if you have been following this blog, you know I have had some sewing machine issues and I now have a new sewing computer (yes, the don't call them machines anymore). Today I have been practicing and learning more about my 1 week old Bernina. Next Saturday I have my first Bernina class, and I will be hanging on every word. The great thing about having played with the machine is that I will know something of what I want to know. It is like how I tell the math students to read next class' section in the math book BEFORE you go to class. Everything is more meaningful if you have some idea of the terms and subject to be covered. I hope some students listen. Good habits (and preparation) make a big difference.
Back to today's practice. I put binding on some of my practice pieces (the black thread is from practicing on my old machine), and then it hit me; I need a pad for the cat to lie on for the back of the sofa. I found some leftover flannel, some leftover stripes and a chunk of batting and VIOLA'; kitten proofed sofa. I practiced free motion quilting and binding secured by a decorative stitch. It is certainly not perfect, but the first thing kitty said when she put her paws on it was "Meow." That makes my practice project the cat's meow, and that's certainly good enough for me. Note: I posted the YouTube binding video I mentioned to the class below. It is the one with lavender binding. Also, one of the binding pieces I used for practice was a waist band from a pair of Talbot's suit pants. I save and use just about anything to practice on.


WoolenSails said…
It is fun to practice, I love free motion quilting.
I would love to an art quilt one of these days.

katie said…
Great post Karmen, you will do great at machine quilting. Can't wait to see some of your quilting.