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This is Tula Pink's "Nest". I started these blocks on my Featherweight last fall, and right away I knew I was going sideways (almost literally). None of the blocks were working out to the size they were supposed to be, but, being hard-headed and stubborn, I kept sewing. I added some of the block corners on my New Home, and tonight I added the last corners using my new Bernina. A couple of times, when I asked her, mother advised me to square up the blocks, which I didn't (again with the hard-head). Mostly because I have real trouble with "square." I think it goes back to the seventies when "square" was not something you wanted to be or do. You can see, or maybe not, that I am now going to have to square the blocks before I can join them. Even after that their seams will not match up where they are supposed to. It is a good thing that I am practicing machine quilting; I don't have to worry about messing up when the top is already high on the messed up scale. Chalk it up to yet another lesson learned the hard way. Let's see: Patience, planning, and practice (listen to your mom?). CHECK!


WoolenSails said…
I have seen a lot of octagon type patterns, something I would like to do someday. Like the fussy cuts.

katie said…
Good advise. I just learned this past week how not to have all your flying geese look like their heads have been shot off.

Love aunt Katie.
Your quilt is beautiful! And it will still be beautiful even if your corners don't match perfectly! Can't wait to see it quilted.