Cabin Crazy

Yesterday, in a workshop by Peggy J. Barkle for her Blendable Curves (sponsored by the Spirited Quilter's of Duluth), I was exposed to an amazing amount of useful, practical information about piecing quilt blocks. Most important, I gained some sewing experience and learned a cool new technique. My machine was a challenge though. Last weekend, for some puzzling reason, my New Home decided to stitch all funky, so I sent it out for service and haven't picked it up yet. For the Blendable Curves workshop I brought my Singer Featherweight. I had pieced on it before, so I didn't think I would have any problems. The throat plate was just plain slippery and I couldn't see the quarter inch guide very well (I use a quarter inch foot on the New Home). I now realize how cool those fancy gadgets on the new machines are; like "needle down" and "bobbin alert." When I get my New Home back, I will probably be just fine again, but the only 100% cure for "machine deficit disorder" is a fancy new one (Janome, Bernina?).
While I was still sewing log cabin blocks, other participants were finishing and putting their reassembled curved blocks up on the wall. They were all so beautiful! My table-mate, Sandy, used the most vibrant pink and green. Her reassembled blocks were amazing beautiful! When I finally got two blocks up on the wall, I listened to the supportive comments from others, but I wasn't really hearing them. I didn't fall in love with my blocks until I got them home on my own design wall and away from all the others. I may never piece on the Featherweight again, though. Too much frustration!


WoolenSails said…
It sounds like the class went well. I know what you mean about a good sewing machine, I love sewing on mine and it makes quilting so much more enjoyable when you don't have to fight with your machine.