Last Minute Decision for T-shirt Project

I can't believe that while I was lying in bed ill, my dogs got into my Aunt Millie work basket and ate the kitty circles! Well, chewed them up anyway. HOW THE HECK could they have known they were kitty pictures? At least they did no more damage than that, but it is the darnedest thing!

Well, here I am on the eve of a t-shirt quilt class, and since I have been (still am) quite sick (but not contagious), since I am on all this medicine, I have neglected to think about fabric choices until now. Help, help! I do not have enough of the fabric I originally thought I would use, and I am short of shirts. Take a look at the "make-do" idea I came up with. I think it will work. I have some small shirt prints that I can use to fill in with, since I don't have many shirts. It is not funny, somehow all those printed t-shirts I thought I had disappeared. When I started, I only had four. I had to buy some off E-bay (Chief and Royals) and one from the honor society web-site, and it is turquoise. I thought the color was pretty when I bought it, but it is too late to change it out now. What do you think? I am favoring the tan background, red outer border and black mini stripe for the shirt frames. I may not have enough for the shirt frames, but I am sure the shop (Patchwork Cottage) will have something I can mix in. And thanks a bunch to the commenters (Debbie and Gretchen - check out their blogs) who encouraged me to hang in there with my health and not cancel going to the classes (I am taking machine quilting too). I am really going to enjoy them!

Oh, and these are the iris I cut from my yard. Enjoy!


WoolenSails said…
I can't wait to see how your t-shirt quilt comes out. I have seen them before and it is a neat idea. I need machine classes too, but one is folk art and more hand sewing and the pfaff dealer does a lot of fancy sewing.

I hope you feel better tomorrow and can enjoy your classes.

katie said…
Yes, definitely like the tan the best. Should be interesting, how do you stabilize the T shirts, well I guess that is why you are taking the class.
The Iris's are beautiful.

aunt katie