Found a Button

I found just the right purple button for the weekend bag, so here it is completed. Mom said I could pick a button at her house, since she has so many, but I was skeptical that she would have purple. I found this one at JoAnn's. Who knew buttons where $3.? Certainly not me! I don't remember ever actually paying for a button except at the remnant shop where they were 5/$1. Now I know what a bargain they were.


Anonymous said…
You should of bought the Button & Bangles kit from artUwear at the time of the class. It would of saved you so much trouble. You could of made your own button for MUCH LESS.. 15 buttons... $13.00.... anyway the bag is beautiful and the button does work so you sould be very proud of yourself. I hope you enjoy your travels with your new bag.. Debra Youngs