Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Funday

Isn't Kitten pretty in a lavender shopping bag?
New magazines.
Step one of floor quilt creation is to Gesso the canvas.
Many steps later you have a nice little trivet for your kitchen, and a bunch of great ideas for new projects!

It is only 5:30 p.m. and I am worn out and ready for a nap. The pets would not let me sleep past 6:30 this morning, and I feel like I have been going non-stop ever since. Kitten was playing in a shopping bag while I cruised the blogs this morning. I subscribed to the AJC on Friday and expected a paper this morning, but I guess it was too soon to expect it. I weighed in at Jenny Craig this morning, and despite the stress and lack of schedule this week, I am still on target with "the program." I had coffee at the Barnes & Noble next door and did a little stitching on the mystery item I described earlier. I'd like to complete it by Tuesday, but I'd like to drive a Jaguar too, if you get my drift. I picked up a couple of new magazines while I was there. Is there anything more ridiculous than what we pay for magazines? Oh, and by the way, if you know where to pick up copies of "Australian Homespun," even (or especially) used ones, PLEASE let me know. I'd like to spend some time between the covers. Then I went off to that floor quilts class at Intown Quilters. I had a great time, and look at the little gem of a trivet I made. Well, mostly made, there is still some drying time to pass yet before I can glue the cork on the back. I'd never used Gesso or ModgePodge before, so this class was a good way to get started. The process could be used for OH SO MANY wonderful things that my head is going to explode with ideas. Then, before I left the city, I had to visit Intown's famous sale room. Where else can you get amazing fabrics at such a good price?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back to a regular schedule

I can't tell you what I am working on (mostly because I am not sure, it keeps morphing and I work at a snail's pace), but I am being creative, and, God willing, I will end up with something to show for all the fun I am having. I am trying to follow some directions, but I get distracted a lot.

Number one distraction this week is taken care of. My youngest son is back in the arms of his loved ones. His new puppy died of parvo though. It couldn't be helped. All week my allergies, asthma and IBS have gave me a bunch of trouble. Nerves I guess. So today I hit the pool to de-stress. I had been away from water aerobics for several months, and I really had to pace myself, but I made it through the entire class. Then we hit the auto supply store, and now I know how to change the air filter in the engine AND the one for the "cabin" filtration. Not hard and it saves you a good bit of money over having an auto fixing dude do it for you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Dolly Molly

I was trying to tell my mother, Linda Brannock and my Aunt Katie about the cutest doll I saw on a blog; you just have to see it to believe how cute it is. Go here: The dolly Molly. Does anyone know where you can get that flower garden fabric or who makes it?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Stuff

I bought Mother this one-of-a-kind silver thimble for her birthday when I was at the East Cobb Show. Mom doesn't yet have it; I am putting it in the mail today. I love it, so I hope she does too.
I finished putting the 1/2 inch hexagons on my "Farm" bag sides. I am thinking denim from old jeans for the sides and bottom and my middle son's karate belt, from when he was about 7 or 8 years old, for the handles. And perhaps the red chick fabric for the lining.

I am having a difficult time being motivated to do anything. It seems like I was getting too happy; having too easy a time, so I got a karmic smack down this week. My youngest son is in trouble.. I am going on Tuesday to see what I can do for him. It is so distracting to have your children in trouble. Everything slows down, inertia pulls at me.
But the oldest son got a wonderful gift in his life this week. When I think of that, I remember to feel better. Eron delivered a baby at work. He, Eron not the baby, is a paramedic. He says the woman was in labor when they got to her home. They loaded her onto a gurney, drove away, and he delivered the little baby boy as the ambulance was rolling. I couldn't be more proud of Eron for being the man he is. I believe son number three will find his way. He is an equally amazing young man (they all three are), but I hurt for the challenge he has in his way now.

(Oh, one more thing, if you scroll to the bottom of this page, you will see how many different countries have at least one person who has clicked on this blog. I am amazed at the list.)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Girl's Gotta Have Some Fun

So what was I going to do with those little hexagons? Well, I had another project rolling around at the edge of my consciousness, so I started playing with some random stuff I already had. NO trips to buy anything. Everything in this little project is 100% recycled from something else. We'll just have to see how far I get, especially since I have to back to work tomorrow! So far it is fun. I am calling it Mom and Dadn's Farm after my great grandparents. I'll stitch the baby hexies down while I watch TV.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Help Me Please

I spent 2 hours at Joann's yesterday. No, not my friend Joann, the crafting mega-store Joann. I don't like going there anymore. There are no service people. You know the ones I mean, like at Home Depot, the ones that help you find what you need. I had three projects in mind, and I had the supply lists. Two things I couldn't find, and had no experience with, were paintsticks and a "workable fixative." Well I found Gesso, which proceeded "workable fixative" on my list, so I thought maybe the sprayable varnish, listed as workable, next to it could be the correct product. I wanted to be sure though. Search as I may, I could not find help. Then, after an exhaustive scan of all paints available at the store, I sought out someone who could give me a definitive answer to the question "do you have paintsticks?" One young girl, headed up front to man a cash register, took me back to the fabric paints, but we did not find anything described as paintsticks. So much for crafting time. I HATE shopping. Online must be the best way to go. You just have to plan ahead better than I usually do. But it will beat getting a sore back and headache at Joann's.

I did score a couple of nice buttons. I would have rather scored them at a yard sale though. I told mom I'd bought buttons, and she reminded me that she has plenty, so buying buttons is kind of silly. I agreed. The pictures above are some of the buttons hanging about in her studio.

Today I am off to the paintsticks class at Intown Quilters ; I must get there early to purchase the actual real Paintsticks and the "pdf' fabric from my supply list. I called Intown, and they told me that "pdf" fabric is specially "prepared for dyeing". I am also taking some pre-washed, steam ironed fabric of my own just in case that is all that "specially prepared" means. I spent $100 at Joanns despite discounts, so you know I did find some of the supplies I was looking for, but, honestly, I think making stuff from what you already have on hand beats the insane amount of money you spend being crafty with the help of the mega store. I'm just sayin.'

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Most Beautiful Feline Award....

goes to Bullet! One of my co-workers sent me a couple pictures of her beloved deaf kitty named Bullet. I was astounded as to how beautiful this feline is, so I wanted to share the pictures on my blog. Thank you, Susan, for sharing Bullet with us!