Help Me Please

I spent 2 hours at Joann's yesterday. No, not my friend Joann, the crafting mega-store Joann. I don't like going there anymore. There are no service people. You know the ones I mean, like at Home Depot, the ones that help you find what you need. I had three projects in mind, and I had the supply lists. Two things I couldn't find, and had no experience with, were paintsticks and a "workable fixative." Well I found Gesso, which proceeded "workable fixative" on my list, so I thought maybe the sprayable varnish, listed as workable, next to it could be the correct product. I wanted to be sure though. Search as I may, I could not find help. Then, after an exhaustive scan of all paints available at the store, I sought out someone who could give me a definitive answer to the question "do you have paintsticks?" One young girl, headed up front to man a cash register, took me back to the fabric paints, but we did not find anything described as paintsticks. So much for crafting time. I HATE shopping. Online must be the best way to go. You just have to plan ahead better than I usually do. But it will beat getting a sore back and headache at Joann's.

I did score a couple of nice buttons. I would have rather scored them at a yard sale though. I told mom I'd bought buttons, and she reminded me that she has plenty, so buying buttons is kind of silly. I agreed. The pictures above are some of the buttons hanging about in her studio.

Today I am off to the paintsticks class at Intown Quilters ; I must get there early to purchase the actual real Paintsticks and the "pdf' fabric from my supply list. I called Intown, and they told me that "pdf" fabric is specially "prepared for dyeing". I am also taking some pre-washed, steam ironed fabric of my own just in case that is all that "specially prepared" means. I spent $100 at Joanns despite discounts, so you know I did find some of the supplies I was looking for, but, honestly, I think making stuff from what you already have on hand beats the insane amount of money you spend being crafty with the help of the mega store. I'm just sayin.'


WoolenSails said…
I know what you mean, I miss all our small stores, where people knew what they had in stock. Our Jo anns has things scattered, so you can find fabric painting things where they have the tshirts and things to work on.

Can't wait to see what you make. I have done fabric painting, but never used the sticks or pdf.

Yeah, uhm, I think your mom could probably hook you up with some buttons! She's definitely got a few!

If I saw "workable fixative" on my shopping list, I probably wouldn't even know what kind of store I'd need to go to. Sounds like denture cream!

I'm anxious to see what you're doing with the paint sticks. Sounds like a lot of fun.
katie said…
Karmen, your project sounds interesting. I used to have some paintsticks when I did altered art. Can't wait to see your projects. I had heard complaints like yours from some of our gals down here about JoAnn's.