Sunday Funday

Isn't Kitten pretty in a lavender shopping bag?
New magazines.
Step one of floor quilt creation is to Gesso the canvas.
Many steps later you have a nice little trivet for your kitchen, and a bunch of great ideas for new projects!

It is only 5:30 p.m. and I am worn out and ready for a nap. The pets would not let me sleep past 6:30 this morning, and I feel like I have been going non-stop ever since. Kitten was playing in a shopping bag while I cruised the blogs this morning. I subscribed to the AJC on Friday and expected a paper this morning, but I guess it was too soon to expect it. I weighed in at Jenny Craig this morning, and despite the stress and lack of schedule this week, I am still on target with "the program." I had coffee at the Barnes & Noble next door and did a little stitching on the mystery item I described earlier. I'd like to complete it by Tuesday, but I'd like to drive a Jaguar too, if you get my drift. I picked up a couple of new magazines while I was there. Is there anything more ridiculous than what we pay for magazines? Oh, and by the way, if you know where to pick up copies of "Australian Homespun," even (or especially) used ones, PLEASE let me know. I'd like to spend some time between the covers. Then I went off to that floor quilts class at Intown Quilters. I had a great time, and look at the little gem of a trivet I made. Well, mostly made, there is still some drying time to pass yet before I can glue the cork on the back. I'd never used Gesso or ModgePodge before, so this class was a good way to get started. The process could be used for OH SO MANY wonderful things that my head is going to explode with ideas. Then, before I left the city, I had to visit Intown's famous sale room. Where else can you get amazing fabrics at such a good price?


Thimbleanna said…
Oh, I've had such fun looking back over several of your posts! Looks like you're working on some really fun stuff and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that fantastic star thimble that you bought for your mother. It's so unique -- my mom and I collect sterling thimbles, but we've never seen a star. And those boys -- I'm in your same shoes -- an older one who seems so grounded and a younger one looking for his way. Like you though, I know he'll find it -- as a friend at work who has five grown children told me -- I have 18 months left to go and finally his brain cells will kick in!