Random Stuff

I bought Mother this one-of-a-kind silver thimble for her birthday when I was at the East Cobb Show. Mom doesn't yet have it; I am putting it in the mail today. I love it, so I hope she does too.
I finished putting the 1/2 inch hexagons on my "Farm" bag sides. I am thinking denim from old jeans for the sides and bottom and my middle son's karate belt, from when he was about 7 or 8 years old, for the handles. And perhaps the red chick fabric for the lining.

I am having a difficult time being motivated to do anything. It seems like I was getting too happy; having too easy a time, so I got a karmic smack down this week. My youngest son is in trouble.. I am going on Tuesday to see what I can do for him. It is so distracting to have your children in trouble. Everything slows down, inertia pulls at me.
But the oldest son got a wonderful gift in his life this week. When I think of that, I remember to feel better. Eron delivered a baby at work. He, Eron not the baby, is a paramedic. He says the woman was in labor when they got to her home. They loaded her onto a gurney, drove away, and he delivered the little baby boy as the ambulance was rolling. I couldn't be more proud of Eron for being the man he is. I believe son number three will find his way. He is an equally amazing young man (they all three are), but I hurt for the challenge he has in his way now.

(Oh, one more thing, if you scroll to the bottom of this page, you will see how many different countries have at least one person who has clicked on this blog. I am amazed at the list.)


The thimble is so adorable. And unique. I'm sure she'll love it.

You've made a lot of progress on your farm bag! All those little hexagons! Too cute.

Sorry to hear about your son's troubles. I'll be thinking about you and hoping you have a safe trip.

And congratulations to Eron. As a paramedic, he's probably seen his share of horrible things, but delivering a baby has to be so uplifting for him.
*karendianne. said…
I love that thimble. What a treasure. Very neat bag you're working on. I know that feels good to see the progress. As for the difficulty that has befallen you (and your son) I send support to you so that you might find some added strength through this. You know, we all suffer though the daily little things and the larger dramatic occurrences. Suffer doesn't necessarily imply dramatic is what I'm trying to say. It can occur in the simplest day and no guarantees. But I think what we sometimes miss is that we need some support through that suffering. From my personal experience the physical pain is often easier to tend to than the uneasy, anxious suffering that occurs in our lives. Again, that's why I think we need many things, among them -our friends to lift us up, hold us close to the light and let us know that someone is here listening, with deep caring. *karendianne.
katie said…
Oh Karmen a star thimble how appropriate.I'm sure she will treasure it.
The bag is coming along nicely, I love how you are using the black belt for a strap.
Sorry about the troubles in Tennessee.Hope all will work out. Keep me posted.
Karmen, The thimble is wonderful and your mom will soooo love it. I loved seeing you Friday night and watching you work on the bag I can't wait to see you walk in the door with the finished project.

I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Safe journey to TN. Prayers go with you.