Back to a regular schedule

I can't tell you what I am working on (mostly because I am not sure, it keeps morphing and I work at a snail's pace), but I am being creative, and, God willing, I will end up with something to show for all the fun I am having. I am trying to follow some directions, but I get distracted a lot.

Number one distraction this week is taken care of. My youngest son is back in the arms of his loved ones. His new puppy died of parvo though. It couldn't be helped. All week my allergies, asthma and IBS have gave me a bunch of trouble. Nerves I guess. So today I hit the pool to de-stress. I had been away from water aerobics for several months, and I really had to pace myself, but I made it through the entire class. Then we hit the auto supply store, and now I know how to change the air filter in the engine AND the one for the "cabin" filtration. Not hard and it saves you a good bit of money over having an auto fixing dude do it for you.