It's a pleasure to sew again

After I finished Mom's Sunday Sling (pattern by Amy Butler), I was able to start a new quilt project.

As we chose fabrics and I stitched the pieces together, I started to get really excited about quilting again.
Mom and I did a lot of talking, and it really helped me to talk about my loneliness and distress over how my husband, AC, died.
We pulled a lot of fabrics out to see what we wanted to use.
I believe this is what we settled on (minus the pillows and rug on the edges of the photo) for my new quilt project.
I really, really like these rosey pink and soft greens, but I don't think these two made it home with me. I brought back so much I can't remember.
Today I need to pull weeds while the Georgia clay is still soft from all the rain. Rain, like serious, forever rain.


Looks like lots of good choices in the fabrics. Love the kitty and I would have probably paid it, too.

We've had rain, too, and I seriously NEED to get out in the yard and work. Don't want to do it. Not. At. All.
Brenda said…
Love the quilt that you are working on, can't wait to see it finished.
Libby said…
Sounds like a wonderful market to wander through...filled with treasures. Glad you got some good chatting time with your mom. Moms always have the BEST listening ear and the perfeu comforting words.
WoolenSails said…
It is good that you could spend some time with your mom and get some of your feelings out while you did a little sewing therapy. I collect cats so I do have a few crystal cats, usually I get fenton red glass since I collect red glass too, lol. I haven't gotten anything in years, my collection got out of hand and time to sell some of it off. I usually don't pay a lot for mine, I look for those dollar bargains.

joanne said…
four is definitly a collection! ; ))
O'Quilts said…
u r an inspiration...u and the kitties..keep on walkin...
Anonymous said…
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