Quilts from Mom

As I promised, pictures of the quilts Mom (Linda Brannock) made and I brought back to Atlanta with me. I uploaded them as a batch, so I will explain them in the order they are and not try to rearrange them.
 This is a kitty quilt for my kitty loving son, Andy. Mom also made it earlier in her quilting career, and you can see the original here (The first kitty quilt).
 It has bright yellow kitties on the back too. I'll have to ask her who this coin-stacks type quit is for. The fabrics are lovely. (You can click on the photo to get a larger version of it.)
 This log cabin is detail from the photo below it. There are stars and trees too. The background is string pieced, but Mom says she did not do the string piecing on a foundation.
 Mom has a great sense of the use of color, and she has really gone bonkers on this one. You (I) cannot stop looking at it.
 The turtle quilt below is destined for my wild child, Adam, once he settles his life down. Right now he is at a music festival somewhere in the US, but I would have to consult Facebook to get an idea where. Mom has made this quilt before too, and you can see it here (the original turtle quilt), but you have to scroll way down in the post to see it. Wait a minute; I will have to call Mom. This may be the original.
 Now we come to the quilt I believe was made especially for me. I love these colors and could live in an entirely aubergine home. I slept under it before I packed it in my suitcase.
 Detail of the quilting and fabrics.
 Mom did two bow tie quilts, and I don't know why I have only one photographed.
 My son, Eron the paramedic, requested a red, white, and black quilt (it's a firefighter thing). And this quilt is especially great. The colors are totally outside Mom's realm of use, but it is a wonderful quilt.
 This is my other favorite favorite of all my favorites.
Bright and cheerful; what I am striving for in my life.
This week was especially challenging for me. I had a dream the other night that I tried to catch AC as he was falling out of bed, and he turned to ashes in the blanket. I am taking sedatives to help me sleep, since I have been spending too much time crying (on the way to work, and the way back).

I had to go to the doctor for results of biopsies on my back, she said they are abnormal, but not cancer. I just have to be monitored every 6 months. I asked her to look at a couple more spots on my back. She said sure, and, as she looked, she asked "what's up with your ankle?" So two more biopsies as she screens for vasculitis.

Then I found the autopsy results were in my mailbox when I got home yesterday. That helped me relive the whole hospital experience as the medical examiner advises we engage the services of a malpractice attorney.

I am so tired. Today is Thimbles, so I am off (after another doctor appointment) to sew with friends. I love that my kitties keep me company here at home. Stroking their soft fur helps calm me.


Diane Branish said…
Karmen- Thank you for the lovely quilt show! your mother-and you-are so talented. I hope my children will feel the same about my quilts.
Please continue to take care of yourself. Crying is okay. I know the grieving process is difficult. Your family and friends will help you get through it-although I know you will always miss your best friend.
Katie Paxton said…
wonderful quilt show Karmen. Take care of yourself.
oldgreymare said…
I'm sorry it is such a rough time for you. Please do take care of yourself and treat yourself with kindness.
Kris said…
Hi Karmen....such a fun quilt show and tell.
You are in my prayers. Thinking of you, and wishing you calm, and peace.
Be good to yourself.
WoolenSails said…
What wonderful treasures from your mom and keepsakes for the kids too. I hope your health improves, not fun having skin problems. My husband just had some done again and they mentioned a specialist in case. I hope you have fun at thimbleberries, it will be good for you to have a fun day.

Gayle said…
Thank you so much for sharing your Mom's beautiful quilts with us - always a treat to see her work!
Nancy in MT said…
You know I love your Mom's quilts. I know how you feel about reliving the experience, the details of the autopsy need to be viewed by someone you trust, disturbing enough for you to read the details by yourself, might help to have a family member or friend with medical knowledge help you decide on how to move forward. n