Start something new

I swore I was not going to start anything new.
Then I got an idea for something which has morphed into an idea for something else. Oh, what the heck, I started cutting Brannock and Patek (Moda) fabric.
Eighty-four 8" squares in a light print and 84 in dark print. I plan to make another top like the green one here (previous post ). My youngest son liked it, so one of the other boys will get one in this Brannock and Patek blue and butternut combination.
Mark a line from corner to corner on back of the light print.
Go ahead and mark all 84 light squares. Layer the dark and light together with the light on top so you can see to stitch both sides of the line.
I used my quarter inch foot lined up on the cutting line.
You will cut on this line after you stitch 1/4th inch away on both sides. Keep stitching; you don't have to stop after each set. This is chain piecing.
Cut them apart if you wish and start down the other side of the line.
You can cut on the line after stitching 1/4 inch away from both sides. Rotary cut or scissors; you choose.
Now you have two half-square triangles. You will need four of these to make a pinwheel (1 unit goes to pinwheel, 1 unit will be turned into a quarter-square triangle).  Press the seams open.
Before you sew together the pinwheel, you will need to square the 4 units to 6 1/2 inches. (Do not square the units that are going to be quarter-square triangles.)
For the unit that is going to be a quarter-square triangle, mark the center with a dot. 
Layer another half-square unit on top with the diagonal line already marked and find its center too. Stab a pin through it, matching it to the dot on the unit underneath.
Make sure your seams line up and put a couple of pins in.
 Looks good.  
Again, sew 1/4 inch away from both sides of the drawn line.
Check things lined up, then cut these apart like you did the half-square units above.
I had to piece together some of my fabric to get enough to make all the 8 inch squares. No big deal. In the end you won't notice.
 Here are the two blocks: the pinwheel (top) and the hour glass (or small pinwheel-below). All seams are pressed open as you go along.
I'm sticking it on the design wall and going to bed now.Wait! I forgot to put a kitty photo in.
Joe and I both love my "new" coffee table.
Okay, we can sleep now.


WoolenSails said…
That is how I make my triangles now, so much easier and easier to square them up. I got a few charm packs, those are great for this method.

O'Quilts said…
That is such an easy way to make a lovely quilt.
Linda said…
I can hardly wait to see the finish of this the fabric and colors.