Breakfast Conversation

Conversation had at the breakfast table of a man in his early 60s and his wife in her mid 50s:
He: I want you to be careful when you travel to south Atlanta.
She: Okay.
He: I don't want to have to identify your body in a morgue.
She: Because you wouldn't be able to.
He: Yes I could.
She: No you couldn't.
He: Yes I can.
She: No you can't.
He: Can to.
She:  Can not.
He: Can.
She: How?
He: You have a birthmark between your toes.
She: Do not.
He: Do to.
She (baring toes): Show me.
He (examining toes): I know it's here somewhere.
She: Confused for the ex-wife again.
He: Not true.


Kim said…
OMG. Poor guy but way too funny
joanne said…
awwwww. well then I guess you really should be careful in Atlanta!