The Thaw

Probably the best soup I have ever made.
And when I finally got out of the house to go to work on Friday, I hit Hobby Lobby on the way home for DMC floss.  I saw these cute little rugs at half price and bought the three they had left.  They are perfect for wiping footsies/pawsies when coming indoors from the snowy, now wet, patio
Rosie (registered name Georgia's Cherokee Rosebud), who needs to see the groomer, likes them.
And so does Rocky (registered name? sheesh I forget, but it ends with MacGuyver)
This little guy sits up all the time. When you reach out to pet him, he falls over backwards for a tummy rub.
So freaking adorable.
Scooter is sleeping, so I didn't bother him.  Kitten too.
All of us are cozy and warm waiting for the snow to go and the rain to come.
Seriously, we are going to follow the snow with rain.
I am not liking that.
So I won't think about it.
Until tomorrow.


WoolenSails said…
That soup looks good, love soup in the winter.
The pups are enjoying their new rugs, lol.
That is a good idea, my kitties love rugs too much, maybe if I buy some cheap ones for them;)

katie said…
Boy the soup looks so good. I like the place mat and potholder.
I gave up trying to clean Bubba's feet, I'm not home all the time so I just put a black slip cover on the couch.
Love the little rugs tho.
Holly Loves Art said…
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for a visit. This soup looks so amazing - and yummy! Your little doggie babies are just precious!!! Are they Maltese? What cute faces!! My mom has a Shithese and he will sit up like that too. We've only had Phoebe for 16 days so I haven't tried to teach her to sit up but I think it's one of the cutest tricks! I look forward to coming back for more visits.
oldgreymare said…
Seems so odd that we live in the same country. We're in the 60's all week. weird?

You are sure keeping busy!

Tania said…
I love soup and would love to have this recipe if possible.
Cute puppy dogs!!!
Hey Tania,
I tried to e-mail you this link, but I get "noreply" as the address. Here is the web address of the black bean soup recipe: