Big Announcement

 I  cleared the front walk:
And I baked a pear and apple tart:
I finished the hanging sleeves on back of the three little quilts (bound in yellow after all the thinking about greens);
Created a backing for Dad's airplane quilt:
And started pinning:

Rocky and Scooter napped while I worked. Then I noticed my blog hit a pretty cool number on the counter:
Of course, fancier blogs with tutorials and way more quilting get way cooler numbers.  Go see the cool number Wanda from Exuberant Color surpassed on her counter.
Congratulations Wanda!


katie said…
Wow, she really did have a lot of visitors.
I'm thinking you need to eat the okra first. Just my thought.
Your dad is going to love his quilt, has he seen it on the blog. Does he even get on the internet?
Your pie looks great.
Ben has done our side walk twice for us.
Robin had a dyson, but don't know if she still does.
I haven't been out of the house since Sunday it is only 12 degrees right now. Bunco at the shop is called off and the quilt meeting at church is called off. So no need to get out.
I am sashing and bordering a red white and black BOM quilt and waiting to buy a different color besides the blue I had on my other quilt.
Are you sure there isn't something caught in your Dyson that is blocking it? I vacuumed up a seam ripper a while back and it couldn't make it all the way into the canister. Do you see the small elbow looking piece on the left back of the Dyson in your picture? It comes off very easily. That is where I found the seam ripper and a bunch of thread/lint/etc. that had gotten caught on the seam ripper blocking the suction. I took it out and my Dyson is working perfectly again. I also periodically clean the roller because I am vacuuming up so many long pieces of thread that they will sometimes bind on the roller.

Love your airplane quilt!
Yes, my machine was blocked with a huge amount of lint and such, but after removing all that, it still wouldn't work. I plan to take it in and have it completely cleaned. I do think it will probably work again. As we are snowed in and cannot get to the repair place safely, it is good to have a back up machine.
Kim said…
Good luck with the Shark. I had one and it sucked (and not in the good way) LOL Maybe they have improved??
But I am laughing thinking about the Dyson man on TV - he would be pissed! heehee
Kim D. said…
Hi Karmen, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your dad's airplane quilt is wonderful and I noticed your lovely Aunt Millie blocks. I bought the AM pattern a few months back and hope to get started on it later this year. I know I've been over to visit, but it's been awhile back. I signed up to be a follower. Kim
Animal hair happens a lot around here, too. LOL My Shark is going on a year and hasn't lost any suction at all.

Your little quilts are just absolutely perfect!
Brenda said…
I fell your vacuum pain, I am in the market for one. Your dad will love his airplane quilt.
Becky said…
Your apple/pear tart looks soooooo good! Keep use posted on whether your Dyson works after having it serviced. I have my Electrolux serviced every couple of years. It's been with us for 20 years. Your dogs are too cute. I don't think I realized that you have 2 cuties. Wonderful job on your Dad's quilt.