Time off is time cleaning.

But I don't remember signing up to be the superintendent of this building (aka home).
I have vacuumed, steam cleaned, and washed all day.  I went to throw a load of towels in the dryer and the dryer exhaust hose blew (for the second time).  This time there is not enough hose left to reconnect, so off to the hardware store for a new one.
Kitten is reminding me the sewing machine has been too idle.
 I have been cross stitching in the evenings.  I don't know where this one came from.  I don't remember buying it.  There was thread already in the bag with the pattern and linen.  The vine had been started.  I don't remember doing it, but I was wanting some handwork and here it is. Mom says she probably bought it, and when I am done stitching it, I should send it back to her. (ahem)
 We still have snow on the ground here in Atlanta a WEEK after the big snow storm.  And rain is on it's way.  I let Kitten outside to see if I could capture her with the snow in the background. 
This is a mouse-eye view of Kitten.
And here's the snow (in the background)!
Here she is giving me the sweet-eye; trying to lure me back to the sewing room from the bedroom next door.  I put pink pig-tail bulbs in the ceiling fan in this room, so everything I try to shoot pictures of in this room looks funny.  Kitten is sitting on the finished rag quilt along with a pair of my old (and much loved) boots.
 I am trying to clean up my computer desk and install an external hard drive so I can back up my hard drive and then take my desktop computer in for a good cleaning and security software updates.  And then maybe deal with getting the old Dyson into the shop and make another trip to drop stuff off at Goodwill. I won't get it all done today; that's for sure!
After dinner last night, I asked hubby if he would wipe down the stove top for me while I did the dishes. He looked straight at me and said "I thought we bought self-cleaning." Then he spit out a bay leaf (from the soup) and said "What the hell is this?"
Good grief.
(Tania, here is the link to the soup recipe:  Bob's Red Mill Black Bean Soup I didn't have "smoked paprika" so I left it out; still very yummy!)


WoolenSails said…
I think kitten prefers the warm room to being out in the snow.
Moki is very content being inside, I think strays tend to know that staying in, is the best place to be.

Gretchen said…
Can you come be superintendent of my house to? I have been sewing and not cleaning. Love the photos of Kitten. Hubby quotes cracked me up LOL!
Tania said…
Thanks for the recipe!
Kim D. said…
Oh, that recipe does sound good, thanks for sharing. Kitty photo's are so sweet!
Honestly, sometimes I wonder if men are from another planet! I laughed right out loud. Kitten is quite a taskmaster, but someone has to do it, I guess.
You are hilarious! I love "hubby" and the "self-cleaning..."

And then the bay leaf! Tell him what I told mine, whoever gets the bay leaf is in for some good fortune.

Kitten is darling and your work is wonderful. Spring cleaning does get us, doesn't it?