3 little quilts

I finished piecing the mini-quilts (6"x9," pattern I bought at Sweet Home can be seen here: Suzanne's Art House) last night and I went ahead and quilted one while the TV was on (binder clips are temporary until I put hanging sleeves on the back).
Here it is hand-quilted and bound with turned-from-the-back yellow binding.
I have a good bit of yellow fabric ;-)
I often use my junipers as a back drop for photos.
Today when I walked out the front door, I found the yard guys had been by.
And they "shaped" my junipers.
Yep, squared them up and whacked them off.
I had always pruned surgically to keep a natural shape.
The damage will take years to grow out.
Hubby said he hadn't asked them to do it.


Gretchen said…
Cute little quilts! Big BOO! at the yard people for scalping the junipers. Poor junipers.
WoolenSails said…
Love the little quilts, I want to make more of them too.
I would be ticked if they did that to mine, my guys tend to hack away at my bushes, so I do them myself.

JayTee said…
love the mini quilts and the colors you used
Sharon said…
Love the mini's. You've done some beautiful work! and your cat is pretty cute too.
katie said…
Oh gosh Karmen your quilts are darling but you junipers not so much.
Tracy said…
Wow, beautiful little quilts! I lack the patience for lining things up properly, though I do occasionally take a whack at quilting. Not as bad as your yard guys whacking at your junipers, I hope! Sheesh.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Holly Loves Art said…
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I LOVE your beautiful blog. I am so impressed with your quilting. Something I have always wanted to try but I'm afraid of perfect uniformity. haha! Perhaps a crazy quilt or something messy?

Your little girl in your profile picture is so beautiful!

Have a great week ahead.
My guess would be retribution on the junipers for scratching one of them too many times. LOL But it IS sad looking. Too bad. The mini quilts are just cute as can be.
madrekarin said…
The tiny quilts are adorable! The junipers, not so much. :( See you Saturday at AST!!
oldgreymare said…
Oh I know the pain. My yard helper thought my 15 year old dormant gazanias were weeds and pulled out 90 % before I saw him. It will be years to get them back. Almost plunked down and cried.

At least you had the pretty quilts for cheering you up. I just had to make the doofus lunch. : D

Happy New Year dear..I've been struggling to keep up with everyone but never fear I am visiting if not always commenting.

Margaret said…
I read jumpers and thought they are on bushes. Junipers oh! nasty they will take a time to grow back. Finished German Slave girl and liked it now reading Pearl divers. Thanks.
Magia da Inês said…
Olá, amiga!
Já faz um tempão que não venho aqui... voltei para matar a saudade e ver as novidades.
Um lindo fim de semana cheio de luz e paz.
Beijinhos do Brasil. ♫♫ °
♫°° ·.
*• ♫
Katie said…
I have just begun to explore the world of small quilts...wow, seeing yours is inspiration! These are great, and so tiny.