Finish the old and ring in the new (projects, that is)

I took my clipped rag quilt to the laundromat yesterday after work.  How "don't have a life" do you have to be to spend New Year's Eve afternoon at a laundromat?  At least I wasn't alone.  I ran into a co-worker there.  He'd been on vacation, so he had lots of laundry to do.  Me?  Just the one blanket and home.

I don't know what the neighborhood boys were shooting off last night, but they sure make a racket!  I was sorting thread as the new year rang in.  As I said before I "don't have a life."  I wanted to get organized to start a "Freckles" stitchery I ordered from my Auntie Katie at Primitive Woolens in Missouri.  I got the thread corralled, and the first three patterns traced.  I use a fish tank and Ott light for a light box.  It works okay for these small blocks, but I have to stand up the whole time, so I end up with an achy back, if I work too long.
This morning I stitched my first "Freckles" block.
I love the little bird in the tree, but I hate that the cat ate the bird's momma.  How disturbing.  I stitched it okay, but I 'll do better on the next one.

I couldn't ignore my sewing machine though, so I worked on a collection of mini quilts.  I'd bought the pattern last year at Shop Hop from Melisa at Sweet Home, and this week I went back and got the frame the quilts hang  on. So I should probably make the little quilts!  Here is what I have so far:
I finished the rail fence and was deciding how to quilt it and what color to bind it with.  Turquoise?  Maybe light green? Can't decide.
So on to the next little quilt.
I had too many rows on the second quilt, or so I thought.  A quick check of the pattern told me I had shorted my rail fence a row.  I'll fix it tomorrow. Maybe grey-green?
Happy New Year to all!


WoolenSails said…
I like the freckles but not the fact that he ate the mom, lol.
You have been busy, I am still trying to finish off one item, I need to stop doing things the hard way;)

Kris said…
Love the way your rag quilt turned out. Now I am worried about what I may have done to my machines doing it here at home!!!
Tania said…
I think you did a great job on your stitching, I agree don't like what kitty did! Love love love your rag quilt!
Cute little quilts too, really liking the colors you choosed! You have had a productive New Years weekend!
Angie said…
I LUV LUV LUV your rag quilt and that Sue Spargo pillow!!!