Looking like Christmas

I finally got a tree up.  I decided it looks just fine without adornment. Plus I got all snuffley and went to bed early.  I slept 12 hours, got up and finished reading All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. I'd read The Road, so  a co-worker recommended Horses, and I have to say I agree it is superior.
So, the book done, off to the sewing room.
There is a whole of stitching to do.
Gotta love my dollar store gardening gloves with the fingers cut off!
Merry stitching!


WoolenSails said…
I sure hope you don't get too sick, not a good time to be sick.
I have been stuck on the couch and might be feeling better, will see;)
Now i hear we are getting snow, so figures, I will never get out to shop.

lettielulu said…
I kinda' like the look of an unadorned Christmas tree, that's what I did this year also. It's so much easier than dragging out all those ornaments and then wrapping them carefully and putting them away.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Linda (Auntie Ju's Quilt Shoppe)
P.S. Thanks for your kind words in your blog right after the Atlanta Show. We'll see you in March!
Barb said…
Glad you are over the sniffles....love what is on your sewing table....