First Nikon photos

My husband has a hard time buying me gifts, so I help him out. I have been wanting a really boss camera since I was about 15, so, when hubby was on the verge of committing to buying me a Nikon 3100, but only if I shopped for it with him, I took matters into my own hands.  I went into  Atlanta (thank you Garmin), to Showcase Camera, and purchased myself a Nikon 7000.  It was a pretty embarrassing experience.  I seemed to be the only non-professional photographer in the place.  The questions unnerved me: "What photo processing system do you use?"  And the advice: "You can use two SD cards to control quality." What? Yep, overbought a little, but I am so worth it (the Koala sewing cabinet will have to wait).
This is my first photo. I was sitting in my bedroom reading the quick-start brochure, and this was handy. 
Rocky was close too.
And Kitten, of course.
The next day I ventured to the sewing room.
I think I am going to have fun with this "little" toy.
I have already signed up for a class at the Showcase school; I have a feeling I may be spending a good bit of time there in the new year, so now I am a little paranoid that my computer is going to give out.  I replaced the monitor two weeks ago, and I HATED the new monitor's "stretched out" pictures, but I found a way to get the display squared up.

On a wholly random note; I used to practice Eagle Combat Jujitsu under Gary Brown and the Midori Yama Budokai system.  It was a million years ago (1994).  I am the blonde brown-belt female next to the guy in the red gi.  Our instructor, Gary Brown, is in the blue.

I am gonna go put up my Christmas tree.
Peace and good photos to all!


Kim said…
You are going to have fun playing with all the settings! I am waiting for our first good snowfall to go out again on another photo mission.
katie said…
Karmen, I know so little about photograph and camera's that I think my photo's are good. Go figure.
WoolenSails said…
I am with you on that one, we need to help the guys out, lol.
I made sure I let him know from the beginning, vacuums and house hold appliances at not gifts;)

I have mine on order and should be in, in time.

Barb said…
Congrats on your new toy. The pictures you have taken looks wonderful. I sure wish I could learn my camera better....guess to lazy to take the time but maybe you can share you knoweledge?