My Vacation 2010

Kitten has been resting while I have been cleaning.
My PSA for the holidays:  Clean under and behind your dryer.  We don't want to start any fires.
And since my MIL was coming to stay for a couple of nights, we decided to make repairs to the front door.
This is before.  First you have to replace rotted wood.
Nasty. The door is taking three days to install.
I had made other plans for my stay-cation, but MIL's visit took me (hubby knew but didn't disclose until the last minute) by surprise. He (hubby) thought it would not be a big deal since he would take us out for all meals.  OH HELL NO.  I reminded him that his mother is rumored to be incontinent, and that's why, after 12 years of NO visits to us, we are able to have her this year instead of her going to other family members homes.  I don't think dining out would be very enjoyable with me worried about cleaning up after her in a public place, and then having to deal with her not believing she has a problem and her being embarrassed.
I managed to stock the house with groceries and clean the important rooms. 
Kitten found a patch of sun on the kitchen table.
And managed to spy a bird on the feeder outside the kitchen window.
We found out Kitten has a UTI, so along with all the other things we spent half a day at the vet's office.
Remind me to make travel arrangements for next year's holidays.
Staying home is wearing me out.
 I'd like to get some sun on my legs.


Gretchen said…
Oh my! I think you and Kitten need to have a holiday away next year. I hope you both can find a few moments of peace and sunlight.
Libby said…
Hang in there . . . . I went for a pedi yesterday and wore my flip flops home - even with snow on the ground. I miss my flip flops that much! *s*
Anonymous said…
Karmen you are a hoot. I hope your visit with MIL passes quickly. Have a wonderful Christmas. Cant wait for the New Year to bring great Quilting adventures. LOve Teresa
WoolenSails said…
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.
Nothing like company to get us going with cleaning;)

Kim said…
Oh dear! I think hubby deserves a stay in the dog house for his little "no-big-deal surprise". Sheesh, what is the deal with men and their "surprises"? My advice - after she leaves, take hubby's credit card and book yourself into a Spa.
Merry Christmas, Kim
katie said…
Oh Karmen, hang in there. Cook for her and than let AC entertain her while you quilt.
Kris said…
Oh dear! Good luck! Have a very Merry Christmas!