Sunday musings

"Look! My eye matches your shirt!" Said Kitten as she watched the birds outside the kitchen window.  
 I cleaned up the sewing room and pinned my latest works on the wall where I could enjoy them as I sew.
I am going to tackle the quilting on "Nests" next.  I would love to give this to a certain son, but I doubt I will have it bound by Christmas 2010.
I'll just jump in with my walking foot and see what happens. I am a little afraid, since this was one of the first tops I pieced two years ago.  It is kinda wonky. I have learned a lot about piecing since then.
I added a cheerful little tree to my sewing room window. 
 This son (below), not the one referred to above, had a birthday this week. Twenty-six years ago he was born in Orange Park, Florida.  Now he is trying to grow a handle-bar mustache.  I am not sure what type of quilt I will end up making for him someday.  This son will appreciate recycled clothing in his, so maybe something with shirts from Goodwill (or the ones left behind in the closet-taking up fabric storage room)?
He came by my work, and we went on a little walk down the halls of the school.  We went by the cosmetology department, but they were through giving haircuts for the quarter, so he couldn't get trimmed up. He needed to borrow my car because, while his car was in Gainesville, GA; his keys were in downtown Atlanta. Then, when he brought my car back, he nearly left with MY keys in his coat pocket.

Oh, oh, I just had a pretty great idea for a quilt for him.  I just need to collect Che Guevara t-shirts until I have enough to make an "El Che" t-shirt quilt.  Thanks for helping me think of it!


WoolenSails said…
Sounds like you have been keeping busy.
I will be happy if I make it through the holiday in one piece, lol.

TamboinMO said…
Love your purple tree! Also, Kitten looks pretty intense watching the birds :) Animals are funny that way!
Brenda said…
Love your purple tree, my sewing room is too messy for a tree.
Dee J. said…
You have been busy. I have so many unfinished projects waiting that I'm beginning to be embarrassed. My #1 son wants a new quilt for himself and his beloved. I'm stumped what to do. He's such a free spirit that it's hard to come up with something just for him. You inspire me with your Purple tree. I think I have a little tree around here someplace.
Anonymous said…
Hello Quilter Awakens, I enjoyed your post...and seeing your gorgeous quilts on the wall...Warm Regards, Lyn
TWhite said…
Love your little purple tree, where'd you find it?