Sunday, November 28, 2010

I've slain the Pink Monster

Me and free-motion went at it today in an effort to get the Pink Monster completed for Tuesday night's UFO celebration at Spirited Quilter's in Duluth.
You have no idea how happy I am to be back at my machine, and to have this baby off my UFO list, where it lived for 32 years!
There was just enough light left to grab this shot in the back yard.  I told mom I was considering unbleached muslin for the binding and she made that noise.  You know that noise you hear over the phone when you know they don't approve? So I changed the binding to Yankee Blue to contrast with the Confederate Grey of the inner border (I am making that up as I write). And I stitched the binding down by machine.  Some parts I had to stitch twice since they didn't get caught up in the first pass.
I tore a piece of canvas and wrote "Started in 1978, Finished in 2010, Karmen, DOB 4/23/1958," and free motioned it into the quilt.  Labels are good even if they aren't great labels. I figure if the darn thing is already 32 years old now, it could make it another 40 and be around for my 100th birthday (pretty sure I won't be)!

 It is now in the washer getting it's first bath. The very best thing about getting this little pink monster done:
Yippee!  And, AND, I am healthy enough for work tomorrow.
Buzz kill.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day I cooked in anticipation of seeing my boys the next day.  My husband and I ate a little of what I cooked and then retired to the bedroom.  I picked up the little project I started in Roberta Horton's workshop last summer; the one I attended with mother.
As I was sewing on the last yo-yo I started to feel nauseous and really, really ill.
I drove myself to the ER at 1 a.m. and gave them a most spectacular vomit show.  Yes, you read that right.  I cannot believe anyone can eject that much from their body twice in one night.  The abdominal pain was horrific.
The gave me a shot while I was throwing up, and then hooked me up to IV fluids.  Three and a half hours later I noticed the IV bag was still completely full.  I had no call button, so I took the pulse monitor off my finger to trigger the alarm so they would check on me.  They didn't though.
I finally managed to get someone's attention, and she was really mad about the IV not working.
At 6 a.m. the pain returned.  I tried the pulse monitor trick again, but still no response to it, so I started hollering, and it took all I had in me to make enough noise to attract attention. The nurse came in and told me I shouldn't holler like that, since there were a lot of sick people there.  Well, damn, I don't think anyone should have to holler for help in the ER.  My blood pressure dropped to 80/54 and I broke into a sweat with a "pins and needles" feeling all over me and a burning across my chest; then I passed out.
They gave me more pain medication, and at 7:30 I noticed the IV bag was empty so I summoned them again.  I asked about another bag of fluids and the nurse says to me "oh no, you're out of here.  We need the room." I said what about what happened before?  And she replied "that was just from pain.  We're giving you a prescription."
I ran a high fever all day yesterday.  I lost track of time.  Missed seeing my boys.
Glad to be alive.
American health care is so much better than elsewhere? REALLY!?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

One-eyed Kitten on the Roof

Kitten took a tour OF THE ROOF yesterday morning (and she is an INDOOR cat).  I was a little late to work (like 5-10 minutes) after I got her down by climbing a ladder myself.  I left my SD card in my computer at work, but here is one of the shots I had saved to Facebook.  She was all over the roof.  Evidently one-eyedness only affects her aim onto kitchen cabinets, not our roof.  She is safe and sound today.  Resting on the back of the sofa as I cook.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Contents of my fridge

The day before Thanksgiving, a work day, and this is what's in my fridge.
Yogurt (from top left), a defrosting turkey in the blue tub, large pizza box containing 1 single slice, a few oranges, and a couple of eggs.  You will see me at the store after work.  Yup, me and how many others?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fours sides on

This quilt top is so hard to photograph!  I don't know if it is me getting pickier about photo quality, or the lighting, insufficient camera, or these colors are just difficult to photograph, but I want to do better, but how to get clear crisp shots?  Time for a camera upgrade? Should I make the leap to SLR?  I have my eye on the Nikon 3100.  Any advice?
I am celebrating the completion of hand-quilting on the pink monster.  As soon as I get my machine free-motion anxiety under control, I will tackle the border and binding so I can celebrate having all three of my declared UFOs done for the year.  Last year I was 0 for 5 and this year I will be, as soon as I bind the pink monster, 3 for 3.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

no yellow

This picture tells the whole story.
Not the whole story, exactly, since I have three sides on and don't have the third side made yet.
And that would be why?  Oh yeah, Karmen doesn't measure when she starts something.
She prefers to jump in and deal with the consequences. So back to the pink project and sore fingers until I get the guts to tackle the "do I have enough" question again

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just say "no" to more fabric shopping

Mom thought yellow fabric would look good as the border to my Irish Chain project.  I have now spent $70 on yellow.  INSANE!  I bought some online, some at the J-store and yesterday I finally found what I needed at Sew Memorable in Dawsonville.  I think this yellow is "the one."
But first I must tackle the hand quilting on the pink UFO beast I claimed (at Spirited Quilter's guild in Duluth) I would finish this year.  It is due this month, so I trudge on with the finger piercing torture.  I know there are ways to avoid hurting your "underneath" fingers, but there isn't THAT much left to do.  Yea right.  Every time I lay it out to see what's left to stitch, I seem to find more areas that need hand-stitching.  And I lost the quilt design templates, so I am improvising. I may be ruined for hand-quilting forever.  As I type this, I remember where I purchased the fabric.  There was a little quilt shop in south Miami, and I would fly down to see my fiance' (we married in 1979, had three sons, and divorced 17 years later) and visit  the quilt shop. I started this little quilt that year. I need to finish the little pink beast.  It is a mission now.  I must prevail.
Here is the pink monster waiting for my fingers to heal enough to resume:
After Dawsonville, GPS helped me find Betty Sue's Quilt Shop in Flowery Branch.  I bought the cutest pattern there.  What the heck I needed ANOTHER pattern for is beside the point.  If it takes thirty years to finish one little quilt, why on earth would I start another?  But take a look at "Sawtooth Cat" by Janet Miller.  Cute!  I can always dream.

Two of my three pups were cute enough to photograph last night.  Scooter's face is cute in his shorter hair.
And little Rocky always wants some one to scratch his tummy.
This morning the sun was shining on the flame-touched trees across the street.
No Kitten pictures this time.  She is curled up in  a basket in the office closet.  We turned on the heat, but have it set to 62 degrees, so she stays in her favorite cuddle spots.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Little Shopping

I needed some yellow for the borders of my Irish chain top, so I went online and purchased this stack of yellow called "candy corn."  While I was online, I found some sale fabric I liked, so I snapped it up: some cute chicks and dogs,

Some vintage money and Liberty Bell fabric.
The package came Friday, but I was impatient about having enough yellow, so I went to the J-store.
Where I found an adequate yellow and two other must-have colors.  Then I turned around and saw this:
 I was on the phone with mother discussing yellow when I spied it, and I had to hang up.  I was over-come with fabric lust.  The photo doesn't do it justice, of course.  It is a vintage-looking cactus print.  I love it.
 I had to have a bit of this kitty print; although I am not sure what I'll do with it.  MY CAT is on the fabric, so I couldn't pass it up. Right?
The past week I had stopped at a garage sale on the way to work and scored a couple of pieces of fabric:
I love border prints 
 and bold florals.
 That's why I have been staying clear of shopping.  I have little restraint in the face of bargains and beauty.
But, I have lots of yellow fabric now.  Of course I may not even use any on the Irish chain.  I am thinking the green and red will be better frames around it. 
Is anyone one else in a stitching malaise?  Is it the weather?  Or may I blame work week stress for the weekend collapse of my sewing plans? Or maybe I have shopper's fatigue?

Give Away Notice

Okay, this is not a usual thing for me, but it is part of entering the contest, so here goes:  Lavender Ridge blog is have great give away (great; especially if you win it!).  Who wouldn't like to try an Accuquilt Go!? So go take a look!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ya Dig?

I sure did this morning.  I dug out a bunch of weeds, turned over the soil, added bone meal and topsoil, then I remembered I had these concrete stars my Dad brought to me when he did his midnight run to bring Grandpa's dresser down from Missouri.  These will greet me when I come home from work.  Perfect!
Dad made the large stars using a form he created (seen below).  The small stars he made using a jell-o mold.  My parents are so talented.  I have been away too long for any talent to rub off on me; I don't think talent is genetically transmitted.  It is absolutely an environmental thing
The heavy lifting in the yard made me really tired.  I don't feel much like sewing even though my design wall reaches out and grabs me every time I pass it.  Oh wait, that's Kitten's paws!  She hides behind the wall and snags my legs when I walk past.  I think she is still nagging me about the pink UFO.

Friday, November 5, 2010

My sexy new tire got damaged!

Not this tire, but you know, one just like it; round and all.  While I was driving there was a hideous bunch of noise.  I thought I'd gotten a flat, but when I got out and ran my hands over the tires, I found a screw!  NOT supposed to be there.
So I called Seth at Discount Tire by Discover Mills; you know the tire store (if you are in Duluth or Lawrenceville, Georgia):  the one up on the hill next door to Burger King.
 Seth took care of it for me!  I am so glad I bought my tires there.  Not only did I get a great price on my sexy Michelin tires, but the service is unbeatable and delivered with a million dollar smile!
 BUY GOOD TIRES folks!  Roads can be slippery when wet and hydro-planing is NO joke!
(PSA over; back to quilting)
 I got my package of yellow fat quarters from Hancocks Paducah, so I tried three different ones.
Then after work went to J-store and purchased this yellow (below).  The ladies standing in line at the cutting table helped me decide the paler yellow was better.
I am not sure what I am going to do for borders, but I'd better decide fast.  This quilt needs to get done.
 Red first?  Yellow first?  OR Green first?
 Would black be a possible option?
Ugh! I can't decide.  I should sleep on it.  Wait for those magic morning hours!