I've slain the Pink Monster

Me and free-motion went at it today in an effort to get the Pink Monster completed for Tuesday night's UFO celebration at Spirited Quilter's in Duluth.
You have no idea how happy I am to be back at my machine, and to have this baby off my UFO list, where it lived for 32 years!
There was just enough light left to grab this shot in the back yard.  I told mom I was considering unbleached muslin for the binding and she made that noise.  You know that noise you hear over the phone when you know they don't approve? So I changed the binding to Yankee Blue to contrast with the Confederate Grey of the inner border (I am making that up as I write). And I stitched the binding down by machine.  Some parts I had to stitch twice since they didn't get caught up in the first pass.
I tore a piece of canvas and wrote "Started in 1978, Finished in 2010, Karmen, DOB 4/23/1958," and free motioned it into the quilt.  Labels are good even if they aren't great labels. I figure if the darn thing is already 32 years old now, it could make it another 40 and be around for my 100th birthday (pretty sure I won't be)!

 It is now in the washer getting it's first bath. The very best thing about getting this little pink monster done:
Yippee!  And, AND, I am healthy enough for work tomorrow.
Buzz kill.


katie said…
Karmen, the pink monster is pretty.

I have heard of 3 other people who have had the same thing you had in the last couple days.
WoolenSails said…
I love the pink with blue border, brings it all together.
I call that rose, rose I like;) The lighting is perfect for those shades, shows up beautifully on my monitor.

O'Quilts said…
Nice...but I miss that muslin binding:) Saw a one eyed Siamese cat yesterday and almost wanted it, but it belonged to someone else and my husband is done with almost wanting.
Gretchen said…
Hooray for the conquering heroine!!! The pink monster is done!!! You should be very proud of yourself for seeing this project through to the end. Congrats!!! I'm glad you are feeling better even though it means you have to go to work.
madrekarin said…
Oh, yay! Way to go, Karmen! I think I heard your sigh of relief all the way down here. ;)
It turned out really well.