no yellow

This picture tells the whole story.
Not the whole story, exactly, since I have three sides on and don't have the third side made yet.
And that would be why?  Oh yeah, Karmen doesn't measure when she starts something.
She prefers to jump in and deal with the consequences. So back to the pink project and sore fingers until I get the guts to tackle the "do I have enough" question again


Becky said…
Even without measuring, your top is looking fabulous!
Deb said…
Oh, I've been where you are! I jump right in too sometimes. But the top looks great!
It looks very nice though Karmen!
WoolenSails said…
I thought I was bad, lol. Mine might be wonky, but I have decided that is my style;) Your quilt looks wonderful to me.

Hahaha does mom know about this. I'm gonna TELL.

Quilt still looks great.

katie said…
Sounds to me that you may be making a shades of yellow quilt sometime, given all the yellow fabric you bought.

Brenda said…
Has happened to me before, that is part of the fun.