Contents of my fridge

The day before Thanksgiving, a work day, and this is what's in my fridge.
Yogurt (from top left), a defrosting turkey in the blue tub, large pizza box containing 1 single slice, a few oranges, and a couple of eggs.  You will see me at the store after work.  Yup, me and how many others?


katie said…
Karmen, to the store is where I am going after my day at the shop.
Ben is cooking turkey,Freddie is cooking ham, and I am making a pie and dressing with a few things mixed in........
Just going to be me Fred and Ben. How very sad. Things change.
Gretchen said…
Good luck and may the force be with you :) I am so happy there is no grocery shopping for me today. Just work and then home!
carol said…
Oh me too. Even worse. I found several UFO's in there; looks like some scientific experiments but I have postponed going to the store as long as I can.
WoolenSails said…
Lol, that would make for an interesting dinner;)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

You have fun with that! You couldn't pay me enough to walk into Wally World right now! Happy Thanksgiving Karmen! :)
Ani said…
I went after work yesterday and found it not too bad. At least you have the turkey already, the one I purchased was frozen into a veritable ice block. A few hundred water baths later it is finally thawed. I baked a sweet potato/apple and fresh pineapple casserole tonight, deviled eggs and a fresh ham. A pineapple upside down cake is coming out of the oven at midnight, yes midnight, I must be crazy! LOL! I'm trying to get as much done tonight so tomorrow won't be so crazy. Happy Thanksgiving to y'all.
Hi Ani,
While you were bathing your turkey and making cake, I slept for 11 hours! So this morning I will be chopping, simmering and baking. But my kids aren't coming over until tomorrow, so it's all good!