Windsor again

I have a few more photos from my Windsor, ON day that I want to share. These are from my walk along the waterfront.
When you get past the flower filled park there is a tour boat. As I was snapping these photos, the "captain" invited me aboard to view the entire photo gallery and history of the vessel. I declined. Woman traveling alone and not getting into confined space with stanger.
I love industrial stuff. Seriously, on a boat tour of the Savannah River, I just loved seeing how/where behind-the-scenes stuff gets done. I was breathing in the scent of industry, and, despite concern for my  lungs, absolutely loved it.
 I'm not at all sure what they are or were, but aren't  they magnificent? If I'd payed more attention in physics class I would have thought lever and counter weight. Maybe?
 Every trip has its fun bit; this was one of mine. Yippee:
 I am glad I was warned; sheesh, are they not adorable?
 The Richard Gere looking one in the polo shirt "chatted me up." His friends probably won't let him forget it either. Well, I have to thank him. I hadn't had that much pleasant conversation with a handsome (younger) man, who was not a son, in forever. It really made my day. 

Speaking of men, my husband had a stroke a week ago. It has been an exhausting and confusing week for me. Yesterday he took a turn for the better. He was able to string together a few words for the first time. They were "Oh Karmen goddammit!" The nurse says "Oh you are the one he hollars for all night." That'd be me.

Yep, he'll be back to his old charming self before long. First he will be transferred to a nursing home for rehabilitation. I don't think he will be there long.


Diane Branish said…
Glad to hear that your husband's health is improving. Men can be frustrating. My husband is now retired...Well, enough said on that!
Monica said…
Oh no! I hope you're husband is well and back to his usual self in record time.
oldgreymare said…
Think it? You said it! lol
betweens said…
Windsor is my home town, I am glad that you are able to get some time to see the `Garden City`and admire the Fireman close up and personal. One day at a time is the best way to deal with illness and husbands.
Wendy said…
Windsor is where I was born and grew up. Left over 30 years ago to pursue a career, but it's still my hometown. That GM Tower- we used to call it the Renaissance Centre, or Ren Cen for short just after it was built. And that small circular building just to the left is Cobo Hall, home to the best rock and roll concerns this planet has ever seen! Just sayin' Thanks for the trip back home.