Curvaceous Cabin blocks done

 I balked at every step of this Curvaceous Cabins construction.
Now, finally, I like it! I got a lot of encouragement from fellow Silver Thimble members. Since I had started it back in 2008, I was not sure I'd ever work on it again, let alone complete the top.
Thimbles members Julie, Sarah and Jane, helped me with binding color. I was thinking yellow, but they thought green. This is the green I had at home. I think it will do fine.

I needed to press a piece of fabric for another project,
and Joe pulled it off the ironing board when my back was turned. Thanks goodness he didn't pull the iron off with it. 
 Why can't he be good and sleep all day like his big sister Kitten?
He wakes for mischief as soon as I walk into my sewing room. I am lucky to have such good problems. Wow, I just checked the time 5:15 a.m. I forgot to go to bed. Think the kids will forgive me if I miss church? Dang. It.


SewDivaDiane said…
Very pretty! I will have to check out the link for making this block!
WoolenSails said…
Your quilt is beautiful and a lot of piecing. I think Joey is trying to tell you something, get some sleep, lol.

Karendianne said…
Gosh this came out so nice! Very pretty and graphic. Love it.
O'Quilts said…
This happens to me too. I hate something and then in the end I like it..sigh. Looks like a lot of work..glad you stayed with it because in the end it is lovely.
oldgreymare said…
I so admire your ability to finish projects long ago set aside. Me? not so much.... Wanna come to Vegas and finish a few here? It includes a vintage bed and all meals? <3
Love the quilt. I would never have picked those colors, but think it is great. Love mom
What a very pretty and unusual quilt! Congratulations. Cats do make life interesting, as do puppies....
marlu said…
I had never seen Curvacious Cabins! That is lovely.