Bed runner, island surfing and such

I love to shop at thrift shops, and I found a lovely queen-sized coverlet there last week. It has an all-over quilted pattern on a  sateen fabric that I think may have (or be) bamboo. There are no manufacturer's labels, so I'm guessing.
It makes a nice foil for the bedrunner I just made for a friend from work. She had given me the small squares she found in her mother's sewing room after her mother passed away; she gave them to me three years ago. I know this because I made a pillow from some of her mom's left over blocks and blogged about it. I enclosed a note with the bedrunner saying I'd left the background purposely recessive to allow the nuggets of color to shine, like a mother who has passed on has left her daughter to shine on the Earth with a background of the Universe. 
I used that multi-stitch zig-zag to quilt it, and I like the back as well as the front.
I am doing my best to include lots of healthy vegetables in my diet. Above is two poached eggs on a bed of "super greens" sprinkled with ground flax seeds and a slice of toast made of sprouted wheat bread. AND coffee. Coffee forever.
So I hopped into my car to head to the East Cobb Quilters' Guild and I noticed the really round numbers on the odometer of my 2002 Nissan Altima. I am happy my little car is still working so well. Last week, in the dark, on my way to purchase dog food after work, I tried to surf an island in the middle of a very busy street. Talk about freaked out. A young man came into the middle of the street from a local business to ask what had hit me. I sheepishly had to admit I ended up on the island all by myself. Tires are still inflated and I've not noticed any leaking fluids. All good.
I want to get this book! I will check the library, but I bet I have to buy a copy. 


lettielulu said…
Karmen, I must admit I did something similar. It was raining and gloomy and I drove across the end of an island as I turned a corner. Luckily I didn't get hung up. Like you, I had no fluid leakage and the tires were okay and we've been to Duke (310 miles round trip)twice since then so I guess it's okay. You're the only one who knows, so don't tell anyone;) And, ice skating!!!! You are a brave one. I tried that about 30 years ago and fell backwards and bonked my head so bad, but no concussion. I gave it up anyway. Always enjoy your adventures.
Karmen Sunshine said…
You know how you want to make a left hand turn and you get into that lane? Well that turn lane ended before the turn I wanted to make, and a new island started. I hit that sucker full on with a huge BOOM! Then I slid sideways on it. I am lucky I didn't hit anything else. (Your secret is safe with me.)
WoolenSails said…
I hit a pole once when I made too sharp of a right turn, lol.
Love the quilt and would like to make some quilts where I could practice my free motion quilting.

Karmen Sunshine said…
I was going to quilt today, but my dang Bernina's tension is screwed up. Guess I'll try the trusty old New Home.
Gretchen said…
Love the photo of Joey on the quilt. He is so handsome. Great quilting photos too.