Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bulloch Hall's Quilt Show

Two weeks ago I attended the Pearls of Wisdom Great American Cover-Up Quilt Show at Bulloch Hall. There were many wonderful quilts in the show, but I am going to show you my two favorites.
Candy Kisses by Diane Knott.
Diane says "This quilt is based on the "Gypsy Kisses" pattern by Material Obession.  I changed the technique, piecing method and size.  I love the result!"  As do we Diane. Thank you for creating such an impressive visual treat for us to enjoy. (Quote from the show booklet.)
A Million Pieces of Love and Wisdom shown by Evelyn Hardy
Evelyn Hardy says of this piece "My grandmother, Tommie L. Smith, created this quilt in the late 1800's to help keep her five children warm on chilly Elberton, GA winter nights.  The quilt backing was constructed from flour sacks and cloth bags.  Each of the multicolored fabric(s) used for this quilt was folded and hand sewn to make 'petals' that are three dimensional."(Quote also from the show booklet.)
Here is a close up of the foundation fabric:
One reason I was attracted to Million Pieces is that my mother, Linda Brannock, has one block of this design at home, and it is finished in a circle and used on the back of a chair.  I have always been fascinated by its construction.  To see this construction method on a piece so large brought me to my knees with respect for this woman's tenacity.  And she made this work of art and craftsmanship for the most basic reason: to keep her children warm. 
Can you get more personal expressions of love than quilts?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shop Hop Your Boots Off

Yesterday was my day to do the Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop. I prepared by planning my route, eating a good breakfast (fruit, rice toast, mushrooms and tea), and selecting footwear (as well as clothing; I don't want you to think I went without an entire ensemble). I just noticed my dishes don't match in the photo above.  Well, isn't that just normal of me?
I've pretty much made a habit of wearing boots on my Shop Hop treks, so I decided to make it a tradition.I bought a bit of fabric, so I really need to sew (not buy more).  Besides there are babies being born I need to make blankets for. 
It is funny; the less I spend on clothing for work, the more I seem to spend at quilt shops.
I just loved wearing my "new" dress to work this week.  
Life is good.